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SWASTIK GROUP is one of the leading real estate developers in Navi Mumbai. The company has to its credit several Prestigious Projects which include Residential Apartments, Commercial Properties, Row Houses and various Commercial cum Residential Apartments in Navi Mumbai.

The word â??SWASTIKâ?? is derived from the Sanskrit term â??su-astikaâ?? which means well-being. Literally, the term â??swastikâ?? means any lucky or auspicious object and in particular it is a mark made on persons and things to denote auspiciousness. It is a symbol which denotes â??Good Luckâ??

SWASTIK GROUP was founded in year, 1995 by MR. PRADEEP ARJUN SHINDE, with a vision to enter into a core sector industries i.e Construction and Infrastructure, which had an immense potential and was the obvious choice at that time. Since its inception, the organization has grown from leaps and bounds, striving hard to transform that vision into reality. Today the companyâ??s name has become synonymous with quality construction business in Navi Mumbai.

Today the SWASTIK GROUP is professionally managed by a team of qualified and dedicated professionals. It boasts of highly qualified and experienced managers who have great proficiency and expertise in the area of architectural design, project planning and its implementation, legal matters, procurement and marketing. The company is known for maintaining international quality construction standards and also for its ethics, transparency, reliability, professionalism and reflexivity.

The SWASTIK GROUP is an Institution that stands as a testimony to a concrete record of more than 30 completed projects and over 3,000 satisfied customers. The 6 ongoing residential and commercial projects and successful diversification into corporate ventures bear acknowledgment to the success story of SWASTIK GROUP.

Built on a legacy of over 16 years of honored commitments, integrity, innovation and timely delivery of quality real estate SWASTIK GROUP is a name that exudes trust. Today it is large enough to be counted amongst the foremost real estate companies in Navi Mumbai and in essence it is wide enough to address each customerâ??s personalized needs & expectations.

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