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Bricks and mortar do not a house make. This ancient proverb brings to light the real philosophy behind Saptarshi. We are not merely about erecting buildings, we build lives. Our years of experience, our garnered knowledge and its application brings with it spaces that enhance both life and lifestyle.

Everyone has a vision of their dream house, this vision is made up of dreams held on, memories and ambition. One can compromise on just about anything, travelling, colleagues, clothing, but a compromise on a house is something one just cannot make. Everything needs to be just right, because, each brick and layer of paint, each article that makes up that house a home is a part of oneâ??s heart. Not everyone dreams of a mansion, a penthouse or a villa. These are merely names, they dream of coming home to the safety and the serenity of a place known. It is this very comfort that we create everyday as we build.

Saptarshi was established in 2007 by a group of entrepreneurs. These stalwarts wanted to bring together their learning in construction and development to change how we look upon homes. During the last five years, Saptarishi has brought to the fore unique designs for the post modern lifestyle. Each project is testimony this very fact. However, at Saptarishi we do not believe in reliving past glories. We believe is innovating and creating newer things to celebrate each day. Before each project is even commenced, due diligence is conducted by our management team to ensure that all areas are well taken care of. Saptarishi can also boast of an excellent legal team that has been put in place to ensure that no hassles are faced by homeowners or anyone who chooses to be a part of the Saptarishi family.

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